We provide an array of financial services and strategies to keep you solvent! 

Tax Services

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Financial Sustainability

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Seniors Helping Seniors

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Tax Services

Individual & Small Business Tax Preparation


Pinehills Tax Services focuses on individual tax returns with special expertise on seniors (55+).

We provide a convenient level of service:

  • meet at your preferred location – no office visits
  • review you situation
  • efficiently prepare your return
  • you sign & we e-file

We can work with you in many different venues, including:

  • virtual in person meetings
  • TaxesToGo – a secure app for mobile tax preparation
  • text messaging
  • phone conversation

Our cloud based tax preparation software is approved by the IRS for use in its volunteer programs. These programs prepare and file millions of tax returns each year.

We will also provide you with suggested options for optimizing your tax situation going forward.  

Accurate, Affordable, Secure Tax Preparation that you can rely on!

Financial Sustainability

Your Money, Your Life!

Today, the world is moving at such breakneck speed, that it is impossible to gain control of your financial situation. You don’t know who to trust and almost every other phone call is a scam to steal your money and identity. 

If you are having difficulty keeping up with your financial survivability for whatever reason, PTS can help you develop strategies and discipline to become the master of your money and financial future. We provide: 

  • Budgeting Tactics
  • Financial Situational Assessment
  • Debt Resolution Strategies
  • Investment Optimization
  • Retirement Options
  • Lifestyle Considerations

Seniors Helping Seniors

Person(s)- in-need

As seniors ourselves, Pinehills Tax Services has embarked upon a program to help person(s)-in-need. Many of these individuals have experienced a traumatic life changing event(s) and have no one to turn to for help. Oftentimes, they are:

  • incapable of understanding their financial situation 
  • vulnerable to excessive and unecessary legal fees
  • unable to deal with financial insutitutions in matters of investments, retirement plans or life insurance
  • unknowing about IRS tax law, hence exposed to penalties, fees and painful IRS collection practices
  • facing foreclosure and don’t know it
  • dealing with aggressive debt collection agencies
  • not able to take care of their medical needs

Our help is tailored to the individual situation and can include:

  • Lifestyle Survival Strategies
  • Debt Resolution
  • Cost Avoidance
  • Capital Preservation
  • Financial Survivability

Please read our case study of  Anne – A Person-in-Need.