Seniors Helping Seniors

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Seniors Helping Seniors

Person(s)- in-need

As seniors ourselves, Pinehills Tax Services has embarked upon a program to help person(s)-in-need. Many of these individuals have experienced a traumatic life changing event(s) and have no one to turn to for help. Oftentimes, they are:

  • incapable of understanding their financial situation 
  • vulnerable to excessive and unecessary legal fees
  • unable to deal with financial insutitutions in matters of investments, retirement plans or life insurance
  • unknowing about IRS tax law, hence exposed to penalties, fees and painful IRS collection practices
  • dealing with aggressive debt collection agencies
  • not able to take care of their medical needs

    Our help is tailored to the individual situation and can include:

    • Lifestyle Survival Strategies
    • Debt Resolution
    • Cost Avoidance
    • Capital Preservation
    • Financial Survivability

    Please read our case study of  Anne – A Person-in-Need.